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Frontiers in Materials Science


Prof. Michael E. McHenry
Prof. Michael E. McHenry

Prof. Michael E. McHenry
Materials Science and Engineering Department
Carnegie Mellon University
"Nanocomposite Magnets for Power Electronic Applications
Tuesday, May 21, 2013
EMSL Auditorium
9:00 AM

This talk will focus on the framework for developing high frequency (f) magnetic materials for grid integration of renewable energy sources bridging the gap between materials development, component design, and system analysis. Examples from recent efforts to develop magnetic technology for lightweight, solid-state, medium voltage (>13 kV) energy conversion for MW-scale power applications will be illustrated. The potential for materials in other energy applications will also be discussed. The scientific framework for nanocomposite magnetic materials that make high frequency components possible will be presented in terms of the materials paradigm of synthesis, structure, properties, and performance. In particular, novel processing and the control of phase transformations and ultimately nanostructures has relied on the ability to probe structures on a nanoscale. Examples of nanostructural control of soft magnetic properties will be illustrated.

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