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Awards and Honors

Jun Liu Jun Liu was chosen to lead the 2012 Materials Research Society Spring Meeting

Yuehe Lin Elected Fellow at Royal Society of Chemistry
(October 2012)

Team Wins 2012 Innovation Award
(August 2012)

Teaming, Integration Lead to R&D 100 Award
(June 2012)

Wei Wang Honored with Early Career Achievement Award
(May 2012)

Bringing Innovative Science and Ideas to 2012 Materials Research Society Spring Meeting
(April 2012)

Two Scientific Articles on Graphene-Based Sensors Prove Popular in the Research Community
(March 2012)

Birgit Schwenzer Selected as MRS Volume Organizer
(March 2012)

Jun Liu Elected Materials Research Society Fellow
(February 2012)

Greg Exarhos to Present Brazilian Scientific Congress Plenary Lecture
(August 2011)

Jason Zhang Quoted on Lithium-Air Battery Research by Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(August 2011)

Jun Liu Selected to Lead Prestigious Materials Meeting
(May 2011)

PNNL Contributions Mentioned by World Technology Award Winner
(January 2011)

Energy Storage and the Variability of Wind Power
(November 2010)

The Grid and Batteries
(September 2010)

Designer Particle Proves Popular with ChemComm Readers
(September 2010)

Z Gary Yang Named Laboratory Fellow
(July 2010)

Kevin Rosso named Laboratory Fellow
(July 2010)

Dan DuBois named Laboratory Fellow
(July 2010)

Yong Wang named American Chemical Society Fellow
(July 2010)

Yuehe Lin Elected AAAS Fellow
(December 2009)

Jun Liu Invited Speaker at Semiconductor Conference
(August 2009)

TMSI Scientists Invited to Write Article for Encyclopedia
(July 2009)

Jason Zhang Invited to Write Chapter on Batteries for Handbook
(July 2009)

PNNL Discovers Great Talent in Maria Sushko
(July 2009)

Gary Yang Selected Fellow of ASM International
(July 2009)

Dr. Jun Liu gave the keynote speech on Engineering at the Nano-Scale and Nano-Technology III Seminar, June 18, 2009.
(June 2009)

Xiao-Dong Zhou Leads Organization of Important Symposium at Electrochemical Meeting
(May 2009)

Yuehe Lin Co-Edits Nanotechnology Book
(May 2009)

Jun Liu to Speak at Upcoming Nanotechnology Conference
(May 2009)

Xiao-Dong Zhou Recipient of 2007 Young Investigator Award
(October 2008)

Yuehe Lin selected as Laboratory Fellow
(July 2008)

Greg Exarhos Elected President of Prestigious Professional Society
(November 2007)

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