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Ji-Guang (Jason) Zhang
Ji-Guang (Jason) Zhang

Ji-Guang (Jason) Zhang

Dr. Jason Zhang joins Pacific Northwest National Laboratory after serving seven years as the Chief Technology Officer of Excellatron Solid State LLC, a battery development company in Atlanta, Georgia. Previously, he worked as a senior scientist at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, focusing on battery-related research.

As part of the Transformational Materials Science Initiative at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Dr. Zhang focuses on developing and understanding nanostructured materials for energy storage. His work includes investigating and developing nanostructured or nano-architectured electrode and electrolyte materials as well as synthesizing novel structures. Further, his work will lead to a better understanding of the roles of nanostructured electrochemically active materials in energy storage devices.

In his 18 years of work in battery research and development, he has received eight US patents and has another six patents pending, most on batteries or related topics. In addition, he has authored more than 50 research publications.

Research Interests

  • Lithium, lithium ion, and lithium air batteries
  • Ion transport in solid materials
  • Electrochromics


Professional Affiliations

  • Electrochemical Society

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