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Transformational Materials Science Initiative

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The Transformational Materials Science Initiative focuses on the synthesis and assembly of the multifunctional nanomaterials with well-controlled defect chemistry and architectures that can be used to control and optimize the transport and storage of charged species. To learn more, read our flier.

PSL Laboratory

Initiative To Result in Breakthrough Materials for More Efficient, Secure Energy
The science and technology outcomes of the Transformational Materials Initiative are integrated synthesis, characterization, and modeling capabilities that result in innovative, breakthrough materials for energy conversion, energy storage, and transduction. This approach focuses on the true multi-component, multifunctional materials and systems that can direct and optimize the generation, transport, and storage of electrons and ions.

The Initiative supports Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's mission of supporting scientific foundations as well as the Laboratory's work in energy and national security.

Initiative Investments
To increase our scientific stature and national impact while accelerating our progress in meeting the U.S. Department of Energy missions, PNNL invests in a portfolio of science and technology initiatives. These initiatives are funded by DOE's Laboratory Directed Research and Development program that allows the Laboratory to direct overhead funds towards strategic research objectives that build and strengthen our science and technology capabilities.

Transformational Materials Science

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Revolutionizing Materials for Energy Storage